Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Straightening Regimen

Okay so I have been straightening a lot lately. I did it once for a bachelorrete party, and two bridal showers. Did it again for a wedding and will do it one more time for my graduation and another wedding the next day.

So this is my regimen for when I straighten.

NOTE: Since I am transitioning and over 10 months in, I DO NOT detangle with my Jilbere shower comb or Denman brush. I lose TOO much hair when I detangle that way.

Evening before I straighten:

Section hair in four sections

Scalp Massage with oil, detangle with hands ONLY! if needed.

Prepoo with oil and/or conditioner for about atleast 3o minutes with cap. Detangle with my hands ONLY! if needed.

Shampoo-I apply shampoo using a color applicator bottle. I target my scalp only, and let the suds cleanse the length of my hair. I do this once per section. To minimize tangles I hold the length of my hair with one hand and use the other hand to massage my scalp.

Condition Rinse-I use a light conditioner, something you would cowash with, to do this. I apply to both my scalp and hair. I massage it in like it is a shampoo. I do this because I only shampoo once. This step will finish cleansing while at the same time soften up my hair. To minimize tangles I do the same thing that I do when I shampoo.

Protein-I do this to add strength to my hair. It can be a light or heavy protein. It depends on how my hair is feeling. I DO NOT use heat or steam it in! Everytime in the past I used heat or sat under the steamer (that was DUMB) with protein, I ended up with matted hair. I have learned my lesson.

Deep Condition-I deep condition with heat or sit under my steamer. I have a microwave heat cap, a Pibbs Dryer, and a steamer. I use whatever I feel like using at the time.

After my final rinse of cold water, I apply Chi Silk Infusion to each section

I then set my hair in four plaits to air dry overnight

Next morning:

I Blow dry each section of hair on low setting and warm heat to completely dry and straighten out. If I run into any tangles I use my fingers ONLY to detangle. When blow drying, I start at my scalp and go to where my new growth ends. I then use my fingers to loosen up any resistance. Then I blow dry the length of my hair.

I then flat iron or use my Maxiglide on each section.

When complete I crosswrap my hair.

Not such a good pic, but I do this so that my edges lay down in the direction I am going to wear it. I don't like how the side of my hair that is combed in the wrong direction, comes out in a regular wrap.

If I get it set in pin-curls, I comb my hair to the back and then do four pin-curls at the nape of my hair. This is how it comes out.

The following are different variations of what I do if I don't want to wear it out.

I hope this helps someone!

Hair Prep and Final Hair Pics for Cousin's Wedding! Pic Heavy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009 my cousin had her wedding. Although it rained, It was beautiful! I was a bridesmaid. I starting crying as soon as the wedding march music started to play. The flower girl didn't even come out yet! I know! I'm a cheddar head! Here are some pics of my hair prep, make up, final look, and wedding shots.

Freshly washed. New growth and texlaxed ends.

New growth and texlaxed ends.

New growth ends at the top of my finger.

Half and half

Almost done straightening!

Took scarf off, ready to get hair set

After make-up was done hair is still set in pin curls.

The Bride!

Groom and his Bride