Monday, October 19, 2009


The beginning of October I went to MEXICO!!!!!

To prepare for my trip to Mexico, I did something drastic.....

I went from this:

(Sorry for the dirty mirror)

To this:

This is how long it now is when stretched:

9/25/09 (15 months and 12 days post) I had 4-5 inches cut off of my hair!!!!! I guess you can say I big chopped! I only have about an inch of relaxed hair left in the back (less than an inch in a few places), and a few inches on the top . I wanted my hair even all around which is why more relaxed hair is left on the top layers. The last time I chopped all the relaxed hair off I was left with an uneven mess! This time around I can still pull my hair back in a bun while my hair grows out. I will do mini chops along the way until all of the relaxed hair is gone!

Why did I chop before time? I haven't been swimming in over 4 years! I was going to Mexico and I wanted to swim! I didn't want to worry about dealing with the two textures. It was soooo much easier to deal with my hair with all that relaxed hair gone!!!!

This is how I wear my hair EVERYDAY!

I know boring, but this is how I keep my mind off of my hair and as a result I mess with it less and I am able to retain all of my growth!

So now is the grow out phase!!!!!

(I took the Regulation section of the CPA Exam the day before my trip to Mexico. I am currently studying for the Business section. I have that test as well as the Auditing test this month. PLEASE pray for me!)


LaQT said...

Congrats on your bc. I love your waves. Hope you ace those exams.

urn2bt said...

ur hair is awesome, congrats!!