Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's That Time Again!!

October 21st 2007 I married my best friend.
Today is our Two Year Wedding Anniversary!

Unfortunately, recently, many close to me have had or are currently going through difficult issues in their marriages. I want to take this time to share some words of wisdom and encouragement to those of you who may be going through the same. I also want to share something with those of you who aren't yet married.

First to those who are not yet married:

WAIT on God! Get close to Him! Get a relationship with Him where you rely on Him for EVERYTHING! Learn to pray and trust in His word and His divine guidance and protection! You are going to need it as a wife! You want a God fearing man!!! A man who knows he has to answer to a higher power! If he doesn't know this, he is liable to do whatever! I am not saying a God fearing man will not fall short, he is still human. What I am saying is, even when he messes up, his love for God will compel him to get right! This is why you MUST know how to pray!!! You must pray to keep peace in your home. WAIT on God! Let Him send you the man He has specifically for you! DO NOT go looking for your husband...he will find you!!!''A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.''

To those that are married and are going through some difficulties and are determined to save their marriage:

WAIT on God! TRUST God! PRAY! It works!!! You may be fine one morning and the next may seem like your world is over. PRAY!!! It works! NOBODY gets away with anything!! So watch what you do and don't concern yourself with what your spouse is doing. Learn the difference between when you are in your emotions and when you are rational. If you are in your emotions, STOP and PRAY! Ask God to calm you down, guide, and direct you. Trust God to fix the situation. What you do in the meantime is PRAY and get as close to God as you can!!!! Put Him first and watch Him work in your life!!!

Is my marriage perfect? NO!!

However, we have the SUPER GLUE that holds it together...Jesus!!!!!!

Love you all!

Stay encouraged!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


The beginning of October I went to MEXICO!!!!!

To prepare for my trip to Mexico, I did something drastic.....

I went from this:

(Sorry for the dirty mirror)

To this:

This is how long it now is when stretched:

9/25/09 (15 months and 12 days post) I had 4-5 inches cut off of my hair!!!!! I guess you can say I big chopped! I only have about an inch of relaxed hair left in the back (less than an inch in a few places), and a few inches on the top . I wanted my hair even all around which is why more relaxed hair is left on the top layers. The last time I chopped all the relaxed hair off I was left with an uneven mess! This time around I can still pull my hair back in a bun while my hair grows out. I will do mini chops along the way until all of the relaxed hair is gone!

Why did I chop before time? I haven't been swimming in over 4 years! I was going to Mexico and I wanted to swim! I didn't want to worry about dealing with the two textures. It was soooo much easier to deal with my hair with all that relaxed hair gone!!!!

This is how I wear my hair EVERYDAY!

I know boring, but this is how I keep my mind off of my hair and as a result I mess with it less and I am able to retain all of my growth!

So now is the grow out phase!!!!!

(I took the Regulation section of the CPA Exam the day before my trip to Mexico. I am currently studying for the Business section. I have that test as well as the Auditing test this month. PLEASE pray for me!)