Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am soooo busy as of late! I am attending review classes to sit for the CPA Exam. STUDYING is my life right now. I know it will pay off in the end. Please pray for me!!!

So today I washed my hair. I prepoo'd on dry hair with Hairveda's Strinillah Deep Conditioner (it didn't work well as a DC on my hair) and mixed in Vatika Frosting. My hair felt so soft!!!! I then cowashed with Moist Conditon 24/7 and then did a DC with AO White Camellia. Here is a pic of my hair with the prepoo in. I am 15 months post, yay! I was pleased with the amount of growth. Almost felt like doing a mini chop. However, I decided to continue to grow my hair to waistlength (personal goal) and then start doing mini chops if my big chop date is still ahead.

Sorry, not a good pic. I couldn't find the digi camera.


LaQT said...

Great progress and wonderful patience. It's amazing how thick the NG is in comparison to you chemically-treated hair.
Do what you gotta do!! Thanks for keeping us posted.

urn2bt said...