Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hair Prep and Final Hair Pics for Cousin's Wedding! Pic Heavy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009 my cousin had her wedding. Although it rained, It was beautiful! I was a bridesmaid. I starting crying as soon as the wedding march music started to play. The flower girl didn't even come out yet! I know! I'm a cheddar head! Here are some pics of my hair prep, make up, final look, and wedding shots.

Freshly washed. New growth and texlaxed ends.

New growth and texlaxed ends.

New growth ends at the top of my finger.

Half and half

Almost done straightening!

Took scarf off, ready to get hair set

After make-up was done hair is still set in pin curls.

The Bride!

Groom and his Bride


LaQT said...

You all looked absolutely beautiful and radiant. I love the sage green color. It complimented the skin tones so well.

Dyani said...

Thank you so much!

urn2bt said...

u ladies look great! loving the makeup on everyone ^.^