Friday, March 6, 2009

Neglecting My Hair and Blog

I am currently in my last semester at school. This accounting major is demanding! I have not been pampering myself or my hair the way I would love to. I sat under my steamer for the first time in months this past Monday. Sad! This is also the reason why I have been neglecting my blog.

I am still transitioning, over 8 months now. You can find the counter at the bottom of the page. The process has been okay this time around. My opinion, it is better to start transitioning in the spring so that you are deep in it in the winter. Especially if you are lazy and don't have time to deal with the two textures. All winter I have been wearing a hat. I get up, go to class, and come back home (I know sad.) Right now my hair is conrowed in a circle around my head with a section in the front out. I flat ironed and curled that section, put on a hat and swooped the hair across the front, pinning it to the side.

I so want to chop my hair, but May is a big month. I am in two weddings and I am suppose to be graduating. I look terrible with short hair, so I will keep the length and just flat iron, pincurl, and pin up sections for a nice elegant look.

My hair is currently still below bra strap. I am suppose to do an update of my transitioning hair soon, and then in May I will update again what I am going to do to my hair and how it turned out.

Until then,

Take Care!


mp1979 said...

Gorgeous hair!

Dyani said...

Thank you!