Friday, March 6, 2009


I just heard on the news that Governor Paterson makes $179k a year and lives rent-free in Governor's Mansion. He JUST took a 10% pay cut because someone made a claim that he was not making any sacrifices in this economy and asked him if he would consider a pay decrease. This is after he proposed the state budget, in which excerpts follow.

This is the same man cutting the stuff we need. In his 2009-10 New York State budget proposal to try to close a "$15.4 billion budget gap," he submitted a few months ago, he wants to cut "$3.5 billion in health care savings, including reductions in payments to hospitals and nursing homes," "layoffs for 521 state workers," and "a 3.3%, or $698 million, reduction in school aid" to name a few. Paterson wants to tax "movie tickets, taxi rides, soda,...and massages. It also extends sales taxes to cable and satellite TV services and removes the tax exemption for clothes costing less than $110." Ron Deutsch, executive director of New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, an advocacy group, said, "The governor is nickel-and-diming working class families." People are losing their jobs left and right!

Last month, February, a record number of people lost their jobs. These people have to rely on a system of unemployment, which pays far less than some of their incomes, and keeps getting cut off every couple of weeks, to later get "extended" for a few more weeks. The cost of living has not declined; it continues to increase, especially in New York!

I think ALL government officials should take a pay cut! The "little man" has to, and still does the same job, sometimes more for less pay! And they call the Wall Street executives greedy!

(Please excuse any typos. I am mad, and do not feel like being meticulous right now.)


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