Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today is my ONE YEAR Wedding Anniversary! Wow, time flew! It was not hard but it wasn't easy either. It's all about learning how to co-exist with another individual as peaceably as possible! We both got into this with the view that divorce was not an option. So basically we have no choice but to make it work. He was an answer to my prayer and I must always remember that! We knew each other for over 15 years, and for the last 6 years before we got married, became best friends. I knew I wanted to marry him because the things about him that were annoying, I decided I could live with. I also came to the conclusion that there wasn't anyone in this world I would rather spend the rest of my life with. Today is our One Year Wedding Anniversay. On to the next year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Updated 10/22/08 My Current Regimen

My choice of style for the duration of my transition is a crinkly bun. This will be how I wear my hair the majority of the time. A crinkly bun is a textured looking bun. The texture makes the bun look bigger. I am choosing to bun my hair during the transition because the time flies when you aren't fussing over your hair. So, I just wash it, moisturize, seal, bun it, and leave it alone!

I wash and steam 1X per week. I cowash between washes when my hair feels really dry or when I just feel like it. After cowashing I follow it with my leave in and sealing and then either make a french braid, one big braid, or bun it.

Co Wash- V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream Moisturizing Conditioner, Hello Hydration
Prepoo-Coconut Oil Sprayed on hair
Wash-Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo, Aubrey Organics Blue Camomile Hydrating Shampoo
Protein-Aubrey Organics GPB, Aphogee 2 minute restructurer
Detangling Conditioner-Any of the V05 Moisture Milks Conditioners (Currently using Honeydew Smoothie)
Condition- Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner, Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra-Smoothing Conditioner
Steamer-Use distilled water with 3 drops of rosemary oil
Leave In- Giovanni Direct Leave In diluted with water
Daily Moisturizer-Mist hair with Giovanni Direct water mix and Seal with Coconut Oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil in the winter)
Transitioning Tonic-Kinky Curly Transitioners Tonic
Baggying- Moisturize with Giovanni Direct water mix and Seal with Coconut Oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil in the winter)
Gel- Fantasia IC Gel (Blue)

Washing The night before I detangle with my hands, get rid of shedded hair and part my hair in four sections, prepoo, and twist. The next morning I get in the shower and rinse out the prepoo. I then wash each section individually with my shampoo (scalp only) and twist it back up.

-Once a week do a protein treatment (if needed) with cap . Do what I have to do in the shower. Rinse once with water, detangle with shower comb, rinse thoroughly, then apply moisturizing conditioner and cover with cap.

-If not doing a protein conditioner, I apply my detangling conditioner after the shampoo. Let that sit under a cap while I shower. After showering, rinse once with water, detangle with shower comb, then rinse thoroughly. After each section is thoroughly rinsed apply moisturizing conditioner and cover with cap.

While moisturizing conditioner is still in my hair I sit under my hair steamer for 40 minutes. After the steam treatment I brush my hair in the sections with my Denman. I then let my hair cool. I then rinse out my hair with cool water. I then squeeze out any excess water and then spray hair and roots with leave in. I then squeeze out the excess and seal with coconut oil.

Styling (Crinkly Bun) Moisturize and seal hair. Make a french braid and roll the end of the braid up like it is on a roller, then secure with an elastic. After about a day or after a few days (after the braid has set my hair) unbraid. I can then wear my hair as a braid out, pull it into a high loose ponytail and then use hair pins to shape, or a low ponytail and make a bun using hair pins to hold.
Nightly Maintenance I mist my hair with the leave in and seal with coconut oil. I then either make one big braid, a frech braid, or twist my hair into a bun. I sleep on a satin pillowcase. I also apply transitioners tonic 3 nights a week to my scalp and new growth.
Morning Styling Mist the front of my hair with water or leave in. Use Denman 3 row comb to rake my hair and use my hand to smooth. Apply gel and continue to rake and smooth. I no longer use a brush! I make a low ponytail, fix my edges, tie a small scarf around my edges, tie another scarf around my whole head. Make a twist with the loose hair. Get in the shower, get dressed. Take off scarves, hair is nicely laid down, waves poppin'. I undo the twist and make a loose bun securing with pins.
Trimming I also cut off split ends when I see them. I don't trim my hair to get rid of split ends, I cut the indivdual hair that has the split on it right above the split.
Cold Weather Hair In the colder months I sometimes baggy my hair under a phony pony. I wear a silk scarf under my hats. I am going to start looking into half wigs as well for the cold weather. I don't wear my hair out in the cold at all! The cold weather and windy weather are not good for your ends. It dries them out and causes them to split and also causes major breakage.